How Kolohe Andino Does Summer: Q&A

For Red Bull summer athletes, it’s not all record-breaking, gear-grinding and cutthroat competition. It turns out that these athletes know how to kick back and relax like the rest of us. Here’s Kolohe Andino’s tips and tricks to making the best of the summer months.

It’s hot and sweaty, what’s your lazy summer get up?
Barefoot, Nike volley shorts, and a plain button up (rolled sleeves).

At the beach you…
Bocci ball, umbrellas, stories with the boys.

What song gets you pumped for a competition?
Jim Croce, “Operator.”

Three things you MUST have for a good bonfire party?
S’mores, the boys, and cameras.

What are your top 5 things to bring on a surf trip?

  • Pink bouncy ball
  • Polaroid camera
  • Holga 120
  • Murrys Pomade
  • One nice button up

It’s summer and you decide to play hooky… what’s your move?
Ping pong tourney with my buddies and an XBox.

Summer Event you’re most looking forward to?
Bollito! An international surfing event in KwaDukuza South Africa

Forget Hawaii, what’s your ideal summer vaca spot? Why?
Brazil is the best! Great weather, beautiful people and fun waves.

What made you decide to devote your life to this sport?
Getting barreled.

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