How Ashley Fiolek Does Summer Q&A

For Red Bull summer athletes, it’s not all record-breaking, gear-grinding and cutthroat competition. It turns out that these athletes know how to kick back and relax like the rest of us. Here’s Ashley Fiolek’s tips and tricks to making the best of the summer months.

Travis Pastrana invites you to a BBQ potluck style, what do you bring?
My dirt bike! That way I can do stupid things on it like a backflip!

It’s hot and sweaty, what’s your lazy summer get up?
Young and Reckless tank top and shorts.

What’s your ideal summer backpacking trip look like?
Belgium, Japan, Africa, France and the Netherlands.

Three things you MUST have for a good bonfire party?
Hot dogs, blankets and my puppy!

It’s summer and you decide to play hooky… what’s your move?
Hang out with friends. Go shopping for new shoes.

Who’s the one celebrity you want to bump into at a party this summer?
Zac Efron.

Summer Event you’re most looking forward to?
Definitely X Games!

Forget Hawaii, what’s your ideal summer vaca spot?
Africa, because I don’t have any responsibilities and I can just hang out.

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