What's this all about?

Red Bull presents: #SummerIsComing – a playground of games, contests,
insane prizes as well as exclusive Red Bull athlete coverage and content.

Summer is a state of mind. No matter where you live and no matter what the weather, summer is inevitable and it’s coming fast.

With the X Games on the horizon, we can’t help but get a little giddy about the big airs, trumped records and massive bails soon to come. So, in an effort to whet the appetite, Red Bull presents Summer Is Coming – a playground of games, contests, insane prizes and exclusive Red Bull athlete coverage and content. Whether you’re snapping the latest Instagram to win an all expenses paid trip to the X Games, honing your inner Ryan Sheckler skills via Red Bull’s Kickflip video game or browsing your favorite Summer Athletes for tips, tricks and go-to summer essentials, this is the place to be.


  1. How do I win prizes?

    1. There are 2 ways actually. 1) The Instagram Contest. Tag Instagram images (up to 10 each day) with the hashtag “#SummerIsComing” and “@RedBull.” Get ten people to share or like each image and those will be entered into the ‘qualifiers pool’ where winners will be chosen at random. 2) Submit scores in Kickflip which beat the announced challenge for the day as many times as you want. Everyone who qualifies has a chance to win! Read the full contest rules.

    How do I claim my prize?

    1. The Video Game
      When you complete the Kickflip challenge we save the facebook profile and associated email address used to submit that score to us. Make sure that is a correct email address, because that is how we will contact the winners – you have to respond to the announcement that you have won within 48 hours our contacting (by email) to receive your prize.
    2. The Instagram Contest
      When we choose Instagram winners, we will respond to your Instagram profile’s winning submission, and also update our Winners page with the Instagram profiles that have won. Like winning something on the radio, if you don’t hear your name and get ahold of us quickly, we give the prize to the next eligible winner. If two or more people try to claim the same Instagram account, we’ll give instructions on how to prove you are who you claim to be.

    Can I choose my prize?

    1. Nope. Check the Prizes section to see what your eligible to win.

    What if I don’t like my prize?

    1. We are legally required to say that all Red Bull Summer Is Coming prizes are sick and/or dope. If you aren’t hurting for schwag, we’ll make sure to find any declined prizes a good home.


  1. What is instagram and how do I get it?

    1. Have you been under a rock for the past 6 months? Instagram is an application for your mobile device.
    2. Download the Instagram app in the App Store on an iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPad), or in Google Play for an Android device.
    3. After installing the app, open it on your device
    4. Tap the ‘Sign up’ button to begin the account creation process (the ‘Sign up’ button is at the bottom left of the screen).
    5. Follow @RedBull

    How do you pick the winners?

    1. Randomly. No really. Everyone who gets at least 20 votes on an Instagram photo with the hashtag “@RedBull #SummerIsComing” that was uploaded during the competition is entered to win:
      1. The Daily Prize on the day they qualified.

    What counts as a vote?

    1. Votes = Likes. The more likes, the better chance that you’ll win.

    Where can I find the daily prizes?

    1. Prizes can be found in the prizes section of the website.
    2. http://summeriscoming.redbullusa.com/prizes

    How many photos can I submit?

    1. You can submit 10 images with the hashtags “@RedBull #SummerIsComing” every day. Qualify as many as you can by getting them above the 20 vote minimum required to qualify for prizes. We don’t want some mega internet celebrity to be able to cash in all of their “fame” and swoop all of the prizes.


  1. Why isnt Kickflip working?

    1. Maybe you didn’t wait long enough or you’re waiting for the bus on a mobile device which means you’re pretty much SOL. However, if you’re on a PC or Mac, chances are you simply need to update to the latest Adobe Flash Player. Get it here:
    2. http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/

    I am confused… the Challenge for the day is 3,000 points, but 3,000 points is the goal for level 3, does this mean i need to get to level 3?

    1. The only things we look at to decide a qualifying score are the total score you submit, the final level that you played on, and how many runs you had in each level.
    2. Challenges like “score 3,000+ points” mean submitting a total score of 3,000 or more points from any level, in as many attempts as you need.
    3. Challenges like “Pass level 3” mean submitting any score from level 4 or higher.
    4. Challenges like “Pass levels 1 2 and 3 in a single attempt”, submit a score from level 4 without using a retry on any level you have played.
    5. Challenges like “Score 3,000 points on level 1” mean submitting a score from level 1 with a total score of 3,000 points or more. Obviously if you score more than 500 points in one attempt at level 1, you advance to the next level and are disqualified from this challenge. That means you have to score almost all of those points in a single attempt. Pretty hard, we know.


  1. …but what if I still have questions?

    1. Shoot us an email to hello@redbullsummeriscoming.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Please note a response can take up to 3 days.